Storm River Clothing Provides custom corporate apparel at low costs. Ebroidery. Polos. Hats. Polar Fleece.


Does Storm River Clothing own manufacturing facilities?

Storm River Clothing is part of a solely-owned group whose president owns fabric mills in China as well as production factories in China, Vietnam and Bangladesh. With our operation, we are able to offer our customers extremely competitive pricing straight from our factories without any additional costs incurred through indirect purchases.

Where is the apparel sold by Storm River manufactured?

We use our factories in China, Bangladesh and Vietnam to manufacture approximately 90% of our products. For some production and specialty items, we also utilize the production capabilities of outsourced factories that our group has long-term relationships with.

What are the benefits of using Storm River Clothing to produce our apparel needs?

With 35 years involvement in the apparel manufacturing industry, our group has a long-track record of manufacturing quality garments at cost-effective prices. As testament to our long-term and mutually-beneficial relationships with our customers, our group’s first customer continues to use us as the primary manufacturer of their well-known branded sports apparel in
the USA.

With our large staff based in 4 countries, we are a fully vertically-integrated organization that handles all facets of design, manufacturing, quality-control, logistics and financing of operations to ensure that our customers receive continuous quality goods without any variances that often occur when suppliers alter production sources. Once an order is placed with Storm River Clothing, our customers can relax in the knowledge that their order will be handled professionally by our knowledgeable and experienced staff through to the final delivery. Our office in the United States offers our customers a local contact should there be any concerns or questions regarding their off-shore production.


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